We introduce popular item TOP5 of 2021FW 1st collection


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Hello, this is Nord Cade.

Autumn weather is finally here.

Even though the weather is comfortable during the day, it gets chilly at night.

Currently, NORD CADRE is holding the second re-order for the 1st collection.

We have items that are perfect for autumn outfits, so please check them out.

Today we would like to introduce the top 5 most popular items from the 2021FW 1st collection.

No,1 High waist utility pants ¥13,000

By far the most popular item was the comfortable high-waisted pants.

The stretchy fabric makes it easy to move around in, and the high waist and slit make your legs look beautiful.

No,2 Comfy crew neck T-shirt ¥5,500

Since the order period was during the hot season, T-shirts that could be worn immediately were also popular.

Even though it's a T-shirt with clean fabric, it's not too casual, which is also a great point.

No,3 High gauge knit pullover ¥9,000

One piece that the color scheme line of the back style is impressive.

It is comfortable to wear with a soft touch of cashmere and a relaxed silhouette.

No,4 Comfortable Tailored Jacket ¥15,000

This jacket is made of the same material as the high-waisted pants.

The lightweight material does not feel cramped when worn, and the wrinkle-resistant material makes it easy to handle.

It was a popular item at the launch event of NORD CADRE.

No,5 Middle Gauge Knit Pullover ¥10,000

Here is a knit that was popular even during the hot summer months.

The frills on the sleeves and the cable pattern on the front are a dramatic piece.

This is also a target item for the second reorder, and can be purchased until 9/19.

How was that?

This was the first time we had an order event for a brand that debuted in July this year.

We hope that you will continue to find your favorite one.

Also, from 9/17 today, Shueisha HAPPY PLUS has started accepting limited orders for the following two items.

・Comfortable tailored jacket

・High waist utility pants

You can purchase it from the special page of "Price-price clothes for adults to buy now" .

This is your chance to purchase top ranked items in the 1st collection!

Please check it out.