NORD CADRE was introduced in the August issue of VERY!


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Thank you for using NORD CADRE.
This time, many NORD CADRE items have been published in the August issue of VERY released on July 7, 2022!

Items actually selected by popular stylist Shizuna Takahashi are now on sale at VERY STORE "Shizuna's closet August issue". Takahashi selected 6 items, mainly black items that are easy to mix and match. Please take a look at the details on the paper or VERY STORE.

<List of posted items>

NORD CADRE's most popular bonding material all-in-one product is featured. Lighter than it looks, cool and perfect for the hot midsummer!

Bonding all-in-one

Knit summer bag
A drawstring-type knit bag that is useful for one-mile outings.

Fairy cut sleeve pullover
100% high-quality cotton cut and sew. It has a glossy feel and also has a cooling sensation function.

High twist collar mellow half sleeve pullover
With an exquisite silhouette that does not pick up your body line, it can be worn as a top or layered style.
* Currently sold only at VERY STORE (

Back open ribbon tops
A knit that can be worn cool even in the middle of summer with a crisp material. The point is the bold back design. We also have set up pants.

Random rib wide pants
Wide pants with side slits for a moderately stylish look. A relaxed silhouette is popular.