Notice of online sample sale


  • お知らせ
Thank you for using NORD CADRE.
This time, we will hold an online sample sale for 2 days only!
Including samples, we will sell inventory that is made due to production reasons at a special price. Please take this opportunity to try NORD CADRE items.
[Holding period]
12/10, 12/11
[Holding site]
You can see it from the special page of "SAMPLE SALE" on our site.
Please confirm the following about the sample sale.
・Sample products and sale products cannot be returned or exchanged.
・Please carefully read the precautions regarding sample products.
*Sample products do not have a brand name, quality display, selection display, or tag.
*Samples will be steamed before shipping, but some may have signs of use.
・We cannot respond to inquiries about samples.
・Free shipping for purchases over ¥15,000.
・If you purchase multiple items other than samples, there is a possibility that you will receive two packages at the time of shipment. Thank you for your understanding.