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NORDCADRE was born from the idea that all women can realize a rich lifestyle.

We place top priority on manufacturing that matches the times, and we are thinking about manufacturing centered on sustainable order-made knitwear.

In addition, we use materials and patterns that are comfortable to wear.

The origin of the brand "NORD CADRE" is a coined word that combines the French words "NORD" and "CADRE", and has the idea of ​​"putting your favorite in a frame".

Reduce store operation costs by selling only on the EC site without having a physical store. We have realized a mechanism to reflect the reduction in product prices as much as possible, provide high-quality products to customers at more affordable prices, and encourage them to use them for a long time.

In addition, NORD CADRE believes that it is important to provide customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices so that they can use the brand for a long time.

We have launched a product repair service called “KNIT CARE CLINIC” with the desire to have our customers continue to use our products as long as possible, even after 5 or 10 years.

This service provides free repairs such as fraying and holes for all NORD CADRE products. We will repair any product regardless of the sales period.

We believe that one aspect of sustainability is that both brands and customers love clothes for a long time, and we want to share this idea with as many people as possible. offers.

If you have a knit that needs repair, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, in promoting sustainability and SDGs, we believe that it is important to approach based on the idea of ​​ESG (Environment, Society, Governance).

There are many things companies can do as part of their sustainability efforts. In addition to using recycled materials and devising packaging materials, it is also important to ensure, for example, that partner factories properly meet international labor standards, provide employees with human rights and wages, and provide a safe working environment. It becomes an item.

Sustainability is not so easy to achieve.

We believe that we can only achieve this goal by accumulating a variety of initiatives, such as improving the manufacturing process and reducing CO2 emissions by combining production and transportation as mentioned above.

We would like to continue to propose more sustainable options for our customers' lives through clothes.

I hope that one piece of NORD CADRE will become your favorite wardrobe from now on.