Introducing the items published in the November issue of VERY!


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koThank you for always using NORD CADRE.
This time, NORD CADRE items have been published in the November issue of VERY released on October 5, 2022!
Popular corner at VERY STORE,
Selected items by stylist Shizuna Takahashi,
This time, we are introducing navy items that are popular in Knoll.

In addition to the comfortable series of repeaters at NORD CADRE,
Pick up a 2-way coat that you can easily wear even on rainy days!

Sophisticated navy colors and chic gray colors seem to be popular with working moms. Ms. Takahashi, a stylist, imagined scenes that could actually be used while comparing them to her own daily life, and recommended them on Instagram live and other occasions.

The comfortable tailored jacket was originally available in one size only, but in response to many customer requests, we started ordering S size from June! The VERY STORE only sells navy, but the NORD CADRE ONLINE STORE also sells the standard black and gray in S/M sizes.
In addition, the stretch 2-way coat, which will come back in early spring, is also available for graduation season, and outerwear that is convenient for children's school events is also on sale at VERY STORE.

I would appreciate it if you could check it out on the magazine.
BEIGE / NAVY *Currently NAVY is only sold at VERY STORE