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  1. About your order

  2. About membership registration

  3. About delivery and shipping

  4. About payment method

  5. Cancellation/return/exchange

  6. others

About your order

Order flow

1. Add product to cart
Click the "Add to Cart" button for the item you want.

2. Check the contents of the cart
After confirming the contents, press the "Proceed to checkout" button to proceed to the payment screen.
If you want to continue shopping, please press the "Continue shopping" button.
It is not possible to specify the delivery date and time. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Log in
If you have already registered as a member, please enter your ID and password to log in.
If you have not yet registered as a member, please enter your email address, name, shipping address, etc. and proceed to payment.

4.Delivery method
The shipping fee is a flat rate of 500 yen, and is free for purchases of 15,000 yen or more. In addition to the address registered in advance, you can add and select your parents' home, workplace, etc.

5. Select payment method
You can choose the payment method from credit card payment, Amazon Pay / Apple Pay / Google Pay.

6.Confirmation of order details and completion of procedures
After checking the order details, if there is no mistake, please press the "Confirm Order" button.
When the order procedure is completed, an "order confirmation e-mail" will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address, so please check the details of your order.

・Putting an item in the cart does not guarantee that item. The product will be secured as soon as the purchase procedure is completed. Thank you for your understanding.
・If you do not receive an order confirmation e-mail, it is possible that the e-mail did not arrive in your spam folder, or that your e-mail address was entered incorrectly.

Please contact
1) your name
2) Address
3) phone number
Please fill in and contact us.

Order history

You can check it from the order confirmation e-mail that is automatically delivered to the e-mail address you registered and entered after placing your order.
You can also view your order history on My Page after logging in.

Change order details

We cannot accept changes to your order (addition of products, change to other products) after the order has been confirmed. Please note.

Order summary

Due to the system, products will be shipped for each order and cannot be shipped together.

About membership registration

About membership registration

You can register as a member by entering the necessary information here , checking the contents on the confirmation screen, and clicking [Create].
After registration is complete, we will send the registration details to your registered email address. Membership registration is free, and there is no joining fee or annual membership fee.

Change registration information

If you want to change your customer information such as your address, phone number, password, etc., please log in and go to "My Page" > "Change/Cancel Registration Details".

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password when you registered as a member, you can reissue your password here .
If you enter your registered email address and send it, we will send you an email with the URL of the password change page.
Please access the URL provided and change your password.

Membership cancellation

If you wish to cancel your membership registration, please contact us separately.
*After canceling, you cannot check your order history.
*If you currently have an order for an item, please complete the cancellation procedure after receiving the item.

About delivery and shipping

Delivery company

Products ordered by customers will be delivered by Sagawa Express.
Please note that the customer cannot choose the shipping company.
*Shipping is only available within Japan.


Nationwide uniform shipping fee is 500 yen (tax included).
*Including Okinawa and some remote islands

Free shipping for a total purchase amount of 15,000 yen (tax included).

Specified delivery date

As this is a made-to-order product, we are unable to specify the delivery date and time.
Please contact the shipping company directly based on the inquiry number that will be sent to you after shipment.

Delivery days

As this is a made-to-order product, we will contact you regarding shipping after the product is completed. Approximate delivery times are listed on the product page.

*It may take some time for delivery if there is a large number of orders, or if transportation is affected by bad weather. Thank you for your understanding.
*Delivery may be slightly delayed due to weather and road conditions.

*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or changes to products.
*Delivery is limited to Japan. (Domestic delivery only)
*We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and store-designated holidays.

Notes on delivery

If the product is returned due to a long absence or refusal to receive the product without contacting us, or if the customer returns the product repeatedly due to personal reasons, we may not be able to accept your order from the next time. Thank you for your understanding.
*Products will be shipped for each order. Orders received separately will be shipped separately and cannot be shipped together.
*If the address is unknown, you are absent for a long time, or the shipping company's storage deadline has passed, your order will be automatically canceled.
Please note.

Product shipping area

Product shipping Area delivery is limited to Japan. In addition, we cannot specify a PO box as the delivery address.
Please note that orders outside of our delivery area will be canceled after contacting us by email.

Sorry, This online store is for Japanese domestic market only.

Inquiries after product shipment

After the product is shipped, we will notify you of the tracking number by email.

When checking, please prepare the "inquiry slip number" described in the "shipment notification email" email sent after the product is shipped, and check from here .

About shipping of reserved products

It is not possible to specify the date and time of the reserved product.

About wrapping

We do not accept special wrapping.
Please note.

About payment method

credit card

VISA / MASTER / JCB / アメリカン・エキスプレス

JCB/ VISA / MASTER / アメリカン・エキスプレス

Amazon Pay

You can easily shop using the shipping address information (address book) and credit card information registered on
Simply click the "Pay with your Amazon account" button, log in with your email address and password registered with, and select your delivery address and credit card information to start shopping.

Apple Pay

How to pay with Apple Pay

*Apple Pay will not be displayed as a payment method in the following cases.
・When ordering from a device other than iPhone or a browser other than Safari
・If your iPhone or iOS version is not compatible with Apple Pay
・When Apple Pay is not set in the wallet of the customer's iPhone
*For details about Apple Pay and Wallet, please check the Apple website.

Google Pay

How to pay with Google Pay

*Google Pay will not be displayed as a payment method in the following cases.
・When ordering from a browser other than Chrome
・If your OS version is not compatible with Google Pay
・If the customer has not set up Google Pay
*For details about Google Pay, please check the Google website.

Consumption tax

Consumption tax rate: 10.0%
※The list price is tax-inclusive price.
* Fractions of less than 1 yen will be rounded down.
*Consumption tax is calculated for each product.



We will tally all your orders and start producing the products after the deadline for the order period. We cannot accept changes to your order after the order period has ended (after production has started), so please be sure to check that there are no mistakes in the size, color, price, quantity, etc. of your order before completing your order.


We pay attention to quality control before shipping the product, but if the product arrives different from the ordered product, or if there is a defect such as dirt or damage, we will exchange it for a non-defective product.
In that case, we will bear the shipping and handling charges for the return, and we will accept the return or exchange.
If you have any questions about the product you received, please contact customer support below. We will get back to you within a few days.

Cases where returns or exchanges are not accepted

Regarding returns and exchanges, we only accept incorrectly sent products or defective products. As a general rule, we do not accept cancellations, but if you have any questions or comments about the delivered product, please email customer support within 7 days after the product arrives. Please note that we do not accept requests for returns or product exchanges by e-mail after 7 days from the arrival of the product.

We may not be able to accept returns for products whose price tags have been removed or cut. After unpacking, please check the condition of the product and try it on with the tag attached.

Based on the concept of the brand, we try to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible, put the products in bags made of recyclable non-woven fabric, and use packing materials made from recycled materials. Even if the product cannot be returned to the condition it was in when it was delivered, we will accept exchanges or returns of the product as long as the tag remains, so please feel free to contact us.

You may be responsible for shipping and handling charges for returns and exchanges due to your own circumstances.

Return shipping fee

If you receive a "defective product" or "a product that is different from your order", we will bear the shipping fee associated with returning the product for "return or exchange" due to our convenience.
Please note that the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee associated with returning the product for "return/exchange" due to the customer's preference, such as "It is different from the image".


In the case of card payment, the card company will cancel the payment or change the payment amount.
If the payment is debited from the credit card company, the refund may be "refunded in the month following the month in which the payment was made, or in the month after next."

[Notes] If you return the product, the shipping fee and various handling charges will not be refunded.

Customers who refuse to receive or who are absent for a long period of time

After placing an order, if there is no notification of cancellation, etc., and the product cannot be delivered due to refusal to receive the product or long-term absence, we will process the refund after deducting the following shipping fees.
If the product is returned without justifiable reason such as refusal to receive the product or the storage period of the shipping company has expired, we will charge the following fees.

・Round-trip shipping fee
・Return handling fee
・Other shipping fees

Please note that the refund will be made after deducting the above amount.
Please note that we may refuse orders from customers who repeat the above actions.