Hello. Thank you for always using Norcaird! This is Chiba from the web staff. From 19:00 on August 1st, I will pick up my favorite items and introduce them to you.

As an aside, I appeared as Ten no Koe at the Instagram Live on July 29th the other day. Many of you may have sympathized with the actual experience I mentioned at the beginning, "I miss buying autumn clothes every year because the pleasant autumn passes quickly."

August is still midsummer. However, it is also true that all autumn clothes look cute. I can't think of autumn clothes yet! I think there are many customers who say, but why don't you start preparing for autumn now to enjoy comfortable autumn fashion from the A/W COLLECTION of NORD CADRE?

The theme of the A/W COLLECTION is "LUMIERE IN PARIS", which expresses the kindness, strength, and "love" that can be seen in the glimpse of the light that changes every second from the sunrise.
We propose a little dreamy and lovely everyday wear.

Now let me introduce you to my favorite items!
This time, we have picked up a new sheer knit bottleneck top with a French-like border that catches the eye.
I chose a striped pattern, so it's hard to tell from the photo how sheer it is, but it's a knit that has just the right amount of texture. I have a straight frame, so I usually don't choose clothes with a neck, but this one is not a high neck and has a nice skin feel, so I can wear it without looking bulky, so it's my favorite!
The size is a little roomy, but the rib design makes it look neat overall. It is also excellent as a convenient inner layer as it can be easily layered with jackets and salopettes.
The shell-like buttons on the cuffs are also accented and cute.

As for the material, it contains 78% viscose, making it a great item for early autumn when the heat lingers! Available in four colors: pink, greige, black, and border. Because it uses lame thread, the real thing shines a little.

By the way, the skirt I am wearing this time is the NORD CADRE Comfortable Mermaid Flare Skirt. This is also a skirt that Chiba bought for real! Even if you are 146cm, you can improve your style, so we recommend it with confidence. If you are interested, please check the product page as well.

Sheer knit bottleneck top ¥9,900 (tax in)

Comfortable mermaid flare skirt ¥ 14,300 (tan in)