Notice of price revision


  • お知らせ
Thank you for your continued patronage of NORD CADRE.
Now, due to various circumstances such as the recent high price of raw materials, soaring transportation costs, weak yen, etc., we decided to review the price of NORD CADRE.
We believe that it is the mission of the brand to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, and we have been working hard to do so.
Therefore, the price will be revised as follows from August 1, 2022.
We will continue to strive to provide valuable products and services so that we can gain your understanding and further patronage.
We appreciate your continued patronage of NORD CADRE.
Please note that the price for the July sale is unchanged, so please take advantage of it.
1, target product
・Comfortable no-collar jacket ¥15,000 (tax in) → ¥16,500 (tax in)
Comfortable round hem tops ¥12,000 (tax in) → ¥13,200 (tax in)
・Comfortable mermaid flared skirt ¥13,000 (tax in) → ¥14,300 (tax in)
・Comfortable wide pants ¥13,000 (tax in) → ¥14,300 (tax in)
・Comfortable tailored jacket ¥15,000 (tax in) → ¥16,500 (tax in)
・High waist utility pants ¥13,000 (tax in) → ¥14,300 (tax in)
Bonding all-in-one ¥16,000 (tax in) → ¥16,500 (tax in)
・Relax half sleeve pullover ¥4,500 (tax in) → ¥4,950 (tax in)
・Tuck sleeve pullover ¥5,500 (tax in) → ¥6,050 (tax in)
・Round hem tunic ¥6,000 (tax in) → ¥6,600 (tax in)
2. Revision date August 1, 2022
3. Contact information
Nord Co., Ltd. TEL 03-6432-9858 MAIL