The first special content! Yu Takahashi x Rina Matsuda x Kyoko Kame Dialogue [vol.1 What is a SWICH switch? ]


  • スペシャルコンテンツ

NORD CADRE was born from the idea that all women can realize a rich lifestyle.

This time, a special dialogue produced by NORD CADRE will be realized!

We welcomed three modern women as guests and asked them to talk about their life-size lifestyles.

The first theme is "What is a SWICH switch?"

We asked these women, who work hard and raise their children, about the ON/OFF switching = SWICH switch through their daily lifestyles.

★Guest (titles omitted)
Yu Takahashi Active as a model and actress, Rina Matsuda gave birth to her first child last year Kyoko Kame, a third-year elementary school mother who is a leading violinist in Japan and is active in Japan and overseas Popular charismatic stylist who is active in magazines and TV, and is the third person this year give birth to a child of