The first special content! Yu Takahashi x Rina Matsuda x Kyoko Kame Talk [vol.4 Challenge]


  • スペシャルコンテンツ

NORD CADRE was born from the idea that all women can realize a rich lifestyle.

This time, a special dialogue produced by NORD CADRE has been realized!
We welcomed three modern women as guests and asked them to talk about their life-size lifestyles.

Today, we released such a special talk [vol.4 Challenge].

★Details of the program Welcoming three modern women as guests, we will talk about their life-size lifestyles! The girls who work hard and raise their children talk about "challenges".

Yu Takahashi, active as a model and actress, gave birth to her first child last year
Rina Matsuda A third-year elementary school mother who is a leading violinist in Japan and is active both in Japan and overseas.
Kyoko Kame Popular charismatic stylist active in magazines and TV, gives birth to her third child this year