It was published in the September issue of VERY!


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This time, 2 types of NORD CADRE items have been published in the VERY September issue released on August 5, 2022.

Continuing from last month, items actually selected by popular stylist Shizuna Takahashi are on sale at VERY STORE "Shizuna's closet September issue". This time, pick tops and outerwear from the comfortable series as a pre-emptive item for autumn. In the VERY STORE Instagram live the other day, he talked about the ease of cleaning the bonding material that does not wrinkle, and the design that gives a “neat feeling” at school events and parent-teacher conferences.

<List of posted items>

The heat is still here, but it's time to start thinking about autumn clothes.
In such a case, I will update the blouse first. NORD CADRE's comfortable round hem tops are sure to be in demand from summer to autumn! Easy to care for, light and cool, it's a mom's ally.

Comfortable round hem top
¥13,200 (tax included)

"I only want to wear what I feel comfortable wearing."
I would like you to think about that when choosing your new outerwear.
The NORD CADRE no-collar button jacket is a popular item with many inquiries that anyone can wear regardless of their bone structure!

Comfortable collarless button jacket
¥16,500 (tax included)