[STAFF BLOG Vol.4] A jacket that expands your imagination for everyday coordination


Hello everyone. The season when the cold wind feels comfortable has arrived!
Even though you pulled out last year's autumn clothes, there must be a lot of people who feel like their outfits are in a rut.
This time, I will introduce the clothes I recently purchased at Nord.
I love jacket styles, so I would like to recommend a knit jacket with just the right length to enhance your style!

This item, named the French Knit Jacket, is just the right length for pants and dresses, and thanks to the gold buttons and subdued colors, it is an elegant item that looks Parisian.

It is a sustainable material that uses recycled polyester, and is characterized by its lightness, excellent elasticity and shape retention.

In the image, it is worn with pants of the same material,
Expand your imagination to match it with a frilled shirt or voluminous skirt inside. . .

The placket and cuffs are bi-color, so it looks cute! A jacket that comes in handy when you have one.

It's so light!
Give it a try.
【Product introduction】
French knit jacket
color Black / Beige / Red
size F
color Black / Beige / Red
size S/M
color Blue / Camel / Black
size F