Birth of a sustainable knitwear brand


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Sustainable made-to-order knitwear brand “NORD CADRE”

NORD CADRE was born so that all women can realize a rich lifestyle.

CADRE means frame in French, with the idea of ​​putting the beautiful natural scenery of northern France and the comfortable wardrobe in your favorite frame. It is a comfort work wear brand born from the desire of craftsmen who wish to be a presence that adds color to everyday life.



French NORD = north and CADRE = frame, forehead The feeling of putting your favorite in a frame

With "body first" as a keyword, comfort work wear that can be worn without stress, with attention to touch and fit, and even the silhouette of the appearance.

By giving top priority to manufacturing that fits the times, we eliminate wasteful costs and deliver more valuable and discerning products directly to customers by making orders without waste and selling directly on EC sites.


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Inquiries about PRESS such as leasing

Knoll Co., Ltd.
M. T. 03-5414-3380

Harajuku DUET 2F, 1-10-32 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Look 2021 AW

(from top left)
Wool river coat ¥ 27,000 / Oversized shirt dress ¥ 16,000 / Knit corset ¥ 6,000 High gauge knit ¥ 9,000 / High waist utility PT ¥ 13,000

Wool river coat ¥ 27,000 / Oversized shirt dress ¥ 16,000 / Middle gauge knit ¥ 10,000 / High gauge knit ¥ 9,000 / High waist utility PT ¥ 13,000

(From bottom left)
Knit long jacket ¥ 15,000 / V -neck short sleeve T- shirt ¥ 5,500 / High waist utility PT ¥ 13,000 Middle gauge knit ¥ 10,000 Comfortable tailored JK ¥ 15,000 / High waist utility PT ¥ 13,000 / C neck short sleeve T- shirt ¥ 5,500

Knit Care Clinic

It is a care clinic specializing in knitwear. [KNIT CARE CLINIC] accepts repairs with the desire to use one of your favorites for a long time.

If it is a "NORD CADRE" product, we will always accept it free of charge if it is a knit that needs repair for various reasons, such as frayed or eaten by insects. We also accept repair requests for products of other brands for a fee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Youtube project

Based on the brand image, we have opened an official YouTube channel that introduces the style of women living today.

A collaboration with flexible and natural women who are not bound by era or age. We will introduce the “true way of life” for the times to come. The first installment is being prepared for release by inviting stylist Kyoko Kame, actress Yu Takahashi, and violinist Rina Matsuda.