Knitwear repair and maintenance clinic "Wear good things for a long time" When you put on your favorite one,
Isn't that what everyone thinks?
A knit care clinic with high sewing skills and a wealth of specialized knowledge.
Here, there are knit doctors who sincerely respond with manual work that makes use of experience and technology.
In response to your concerns about knit care, we provide a careful and beautiful finish.
We hope that you will love and wear this important piece for a long time.



  • STEP 01


    Please make a request using the dedicated form, and after confirming the contents, we will send you an approximate estimate. We will get back to you as soon as possible. (Inquiries may be crowded, so it may take 3 to 7 days to reply.)

  • STEP 02


    Based on the content of the hearing,
    We will give you an estimate.

  • STEP 03


    Repair work will start as soon as the product arrives.

  • STEP 04


    After repair is completed,
    We will deliver it to you.

NORD CADREのニット商品は全て無償でお修理致します。他ブランド様は有償になります。詳細はお問合せフォームよりご相談くださいませ。

Repair example